Arkendale - Replacement Village Hall

Arkendale has had a village hall in its current location for over 85 years and during that time it has been central to the life of the community.  The existing building was given to the village by the army in 1921, having been used as barracks during the Great War.

Exterior of new village hall

In 2004 the hall was deemed to have 'reached the end of its useful life' by consultant surveyors, who also indicated that repair was not an economically viable proposition.  Following further deterioration and amidst concern for the safety of users, they decided to close the hall for future use and consider replacing it.

The new facility is an eco-friendly wooden structure, prefabricated and imported from Finland, where similar buildings have been in use for many years.  The operating cost of the new building is estimated to be lower than that of the old building and is apparent that the new building will be self funding.

The new hall holds up to 100 people, depending on the event, and is extremely well equipped with wifi, presentation equipment, a super kitchen with a range of good quality appliances. Importantly, the hall is warm in winter.

Fully equipped kitchen

The old village hall was used by a variety of community groups from Arkendale and the surrounding villages. Since closing many groups have had to travel further afield for alternative venues and some have been forced to use the local pub. Arkendale and the surrounding villages are rural and quite isolated. Therefore a village hall is an important community resource. The construction of the new hall has allowed many groups to return to the village and the hall is once again the hub of the community.

Main hall

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North & West Yorkshire
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Penny Horne
Mar 02, 2009
Oct 01, 2009
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