Barnsley - Churchfields Peace Garden

The completion of an £18,000 peace garden project has helped to promote, enhance and preserve an old cemetery in the heart of Barnsley and develop it into a cleaner, safer environment for the local community to use as an historical, wildlife and recreation area.

 � Jim Varney

The project was initiated by Doreen Cureton, a member of the Barnsley Central Residents Association, who got in touch with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council because she was worried that the area was unsafe. With the assistance of the Local Authority the local residents where able to access funding from WREN to undertaken the improvements to improve the park for the benefit of the local community.

� Jim Varney

The project has seen the following improvements:

1. Renewal of public footpaths which have deteriorated badly making the garden more accessible to the local community and visitors alike, which in turn will also comply with DDA regulations.

2. Many visitors inquired about the history of the garden so the project has seen the installation of an interpretation board showing old photos and the historical history of the garden.

3. A hand crafted sculpture which symbolises peace and hope in the town and features a young boy holding a dove in his hands, was created with the help of a local school, using a diseased Ash tree.

� Jim Varney

4. In keeping with the history of the garden 7 Victorian benches with scrolled arms have been installed to enhance the appearance of the garden.

5. The local Friends Group Gardening club along with local children planted trees and bulbs.

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South Yorkshire
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Penny Horne
Dec 14, 2010
Aug 01, 2010
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FCC Community Action Fund
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