Thetford High Lodge - Bat Hibernaculum

Ten of the UK’s fourteen bat species currently inhabit Breckland and Thetford Forest, and six of these prefer to spend the winter underground. This includes the nationally rare and priority Biodiversity Action Plan species – Barbastelle. Due to the geography and geology of the region, natural underground sites (such as caves) are rare and a study undertaken in Norfolk has revealed that known hibernaculum sites are disappearing at a rate of nearly 2% per year.

The project aim was for the creation for a hibernaculum at High Lodge Forest Centre and involved the construction of a concrete tunnel in a secluded position. The Forestry Commission approached WREN to co-fund the project and pay for the major construction work involved totalling £16,020. This project is the first Category DA project that WREN has supported and The Forestry Commission worked closely with WREN to ensure that the project was delivered on time and within budget.

In the short term this project will help to alleviate the rapid decline in bat hibernaculum sites. In the longer term it will provide appropriate winter roosts and habitats for a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority species, as well as other bat species recorded in the Brecks and Thetford Forest. It should encourage colonisation of species not recorded in the area, provide a safe haven for a BAP species to breed, and relieve pressure on the only other bat hibernaculum known in the immediate vicinity.

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Norfolk & Suffolk
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Feb 25, 2004
Jul 30, 2004
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FCC Community Action Fund
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