Beal Village Hall Re-roofing Project

The Parish Council recently identified remaining work to be undertaken including the installation of a new floor, upgrade to the toilet facilities and the major priority being the fitting and replacement of the roof which had badly deteriorated over the years.


A successful application to WREN for £15,000 was offset against the essential roof replacement works to make the building watertight and ensuring the future use of the hall as a hub for the local community.

The village hall has been maintained since 1800, and a series of refurbishment work been undertaken over the last 7 years including new kitchen, new heating system, installation of a computer learning suite, installation of a disabled toilet and appropriate access, and the replacement of all windows and doors. Elements of these improvements have been undertaken with the support of a £30,000 grant from WREN back in 2004.

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North & West Yorkshire
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Penny Horne
Mar 07, 2011
May 14, 2011
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