Crimplesham Village Hall Improvements

The village hall building at Crimplesham dates from 1905, so is not expected to be equipped with good insulation, nor decent toilet facilities, which are expected from most new buildings today. With such a small community (approx 450), it provides a valuable meeting place for a number of groups, especially with elderly members who have difficulty travelling.

During the winter period the hall was becoming very cold, so over the past few years they have raised funds to replace their window with UPVC - most of which are now done - but this left the leaking roof still to attend to.  Whilst the roof lining has been replaced, the opportunity has been taken to increase the insulation properties, meaning that hopefully they will have a warmer hall this winter.

To use the toilets at the hall meant navigating steps - and you didn't particularly enjoy the surroundings. Now they have 2 new cubicles, which are bright, airy, and serve all their users, be they young, old, able-bodied or less-able.

Fundraising will be continuing locally to enable them to finish off with the window replacement schedule, which they hope will gain fresh momentum now that they have a watertight roof.

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Norfolk & Suffolk
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Feb 16, 2009
May 25, 2009
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FCC Community Action Fund
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