Laceby - St Francis Grove Play Area

The St Francis play area is a small piece of land that was bequeathed to the village in 1968.  It has been a play area for the last 42 years, with the Parish Council wholly funding the building and maintenance of the play area's several guises in the time.  The play equipment that is left (most equipment has been taken out over the last 2 years) was still being used and was very popular. However it was limited in use.

The aim of the project was to install a new play area for children aged 1 - 8 years.  This included the removal of the existing broken play equipment and renovating other play equipment as installing new, fit for purpose equipment.

The play area has a theme called 'Tropical Adventure', where as part of the play it will encourage children to understand about wildlife conservation in a fun and adventurous way.

The project has come to fruition with the support of a £40,000 grant from WREN, along with financial support from the North East Lincolnshire LEADER programme, Wold Funds, Business sponsorship and Laceby Parish Council.

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Young People
Penny Horne
Apr 11, 2011
Jul 17, 2011
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FCC Community Action Fund
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