Rotherham - Woodsetts Skate Park

The aim of this project was to develop a skate park and supplementary facilities for use by young people in Woodsetts, Rotherham and the surrounding areas.

The project was not planned just for skateboarders but also for BMX bikes and roller bladers. The skate park answers an identified need for additional facilities for young people which had the support of residents and young people. It was placed on public open space and attracts young people from the surrounding area, thereby reducing incidents of street skating in areas of nuisance to others.

The site and tarmacadam surface will has the following specification:

  • Skate ramps, boxes and rails in a program and position to the satisfaction of the Youth Planning Group
  • Health and Safety regulations and Rotherham Borough Councils Parks Department specifications
  • suitable open and sheltered seating and sufficient litter bins.

There was previously no meeting place, youth club or other facility for the young people of Woodsetts and the surrounding area, and the skatepark draws youngsters away from dangerous and contentious locations.

Project Details

South Yorkshire
Project types
Young People
Penny Horne
Jun 25, 2007
Aug 08, 2007
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Grant Information

FCC Community Action Fund
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