York-Green Hammerton Community Hall

The delivery of the project saw the culmination of years of hard work by the Green Hammerton Recreational Charity, who had tried for many years to fund a community/sports hall on the playing field to meet the village need for a larger community hall and provide facilities for the sports teams using the playing field to permit expansion of sporting activities. The only community space available was at the Reading Room which was cold and inaccessible to people with disabilities and over 100 years old. The floor joists were beginning to weaken through the rising damp and there were concerns that the building will be closed due to health and safety. Therefore a new solution had to be found.

Green Hammerton Recreational Charity Team

Green Hammerton Recreational Charity had the opportunity to purchase a large modular building, which was in use as a reception and demonstration building at Portacabin in York and transform it into a modern community facility for both the local sports teams and local residents.

Exterior view of new community/sports hall

The Portacabin has been completely transformed with exterior cladding of brick and wood to meet planning requirements. Internally, the space has been reconfigured to provide a kitchen, toilets, changing rooms and a small meeting room arranged by a large central area twice as big as the old community hall, the Reading Room, which was sold to pay for this project. Due to the modular design the building was craned onto the site and connected to services which had to be brought within the playing field.

WREN funding of £50,000 was sought to fund the internal changes required to the existing modular building to make it suitable for the use of a community/sports hall. The funding was offset against the new kitchen, changing rooms, toilets and flooring within the new modular building.

New kitchen

The completed project has provided a modern and well equipped meeting place with a high energy saving specification, suitable for community events and for use by sports teams using the cricket field.

Main Hall

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North & West Yorkshire
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Penny Horne
Jan 01, 2010
Apr 01, 2010
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